Uncategorized This American Life 1st and 2nd

This American Life 1st and 2nd

I am listening to random TAL podcasts in my car. I am going to blog about them. Please click on the About That Life tab you should hopefully see on the homepage for why I am doing this. 1st podcast: My Damn Mind. I picked this at random, because I could hear someone saying it …

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Uncategorized Writing, Editing

Writing, Editing

I got the first round of intern comments from my agent (even after almost a month, writing “my agent” is astounding and wonderful!). I have been working on incorporating some of the edits. More are on their way, and I can’t wait! Meantime, I have been keeping up with my writing gigs around town! My …

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Uncategorized What Am I Reading?

What Am I Reading?

This past Friday, Ken and I went to our friends’ house to watch ZOMBIE MOVIES!!! We had some debate about whether to watch something completely cheesy, something semi-cheesy, or something not bad. We ended up with a movie that can best be described as “fascinating premise, horrible lead actor, not the best execution of a …

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Uncategorized Random Writings

Random Writings

I am very lucky to not only live in the best city on earth (that’s Ann Arbor, in case you forgot), but that I also get to write about it! I have a bi-weekly piece in Concentrate Media that talks about our local history. Also, today I learned, bi-weekly means both every other week and …

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