Uncategorized We Are Doing a Thing

We Are Doing a Thing

Washtenaw County is blessed with extremely talented people. I was thinking about things a couple of months ago, and this thought entered my mind. Since my mind is like a three year old rabid porcupine on crack, it then bounced to other thoughts like “wow, we have lots of talented women in our midst” and …

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Uncategorized Happy Fall!

Happy Fall!

School has started, and as usual I find myself doing more writing. When I have open days full of fun and mirth, I tend to just partake in the fun and mirth and do little else. I presume this is why God did not make me independently wealth–because I will sit and do nothing, ever. …

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Uncategorized Movie > Book

Movie > Book

It is rare that I will say a movie is better than a book, but when the book is practically the worst thing you have ever laid eyes on then I guess it can’t be hard to be better. What I’m saying is that I finally saw the movie for “The Road”. I hated that …

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Uncategorized Dance Camp!

Dance Camp!

So I did a thing last week–I went to camp! And not just any camp, but this camp! Isn’t it gorgeous?? I have never been to camp in my life. I had myriad health problems as a kid, and couldn’t go to any sort of outdoorsy-type thing. I first saw this dance camp advertised on …

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Uncategorized Summer is Halfway Over?

Summer is Halfway Over?

How did that happen? But it did. I counted the days and summer break was halfway over as of yesterday. (Remember, teachers report back a week early). Wow! So what have I been writing? I’m a happy contributor to our local library’s Pulp arts and community blog. Our library is amazing. I mean, you can …

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Uncategorized Ah, Summer!

Ah, Summer!

It’s 11 days into summer vacation and it has been a wonderful time. Last summer, I spent my days sending query letters. That was a depressing event, let me tell you. Imagine all of the rejection you’ve ever got–ever–and multiply it by 100, add 40,000, multiply by 100 again and you still aren’t close. But …

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Uncategorized Storytelling


Last month, I had the absolute privilege of speaking at a fundraiser for the Student Advocacy Center. They are a wonderful group that works to keep kids in school–that is, not suspended or expelled. My friend is the executive director, and I was thrilled when she asked me to speak. Please click here to see …

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Uncategorized What I’ve Been Doing

What I’ve Been Doing

I’m counting down the days to summer break. Also, I am: Reading. I am not fucking playing with you. You need to read this book. Talking. I had the honor of speaking at the Telling Tales Out Of School fundraiser last week. It was just an amazing experience. I got so much positive feedback that …

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Uncategorized What I’ve Been Writing

What I’ve Been Writing

When I haven’t been getting my young adult book ready for submission (ikes! yikes! gasp!), I have been doing other things! I continue to have the pleasure of writing about old timey Ann Arbor. This time, we look at the parties of days gone by. I also get to write about our local beer scene, …

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Uncategorized I Can Smell a Douche From a Mile Away, Part 1

I Can Smell a Douche From a Mile Away, Part 1

I’m ridiculously thrilled with a book review I wrote on Goodreads. It wasn’t, as I say, a bad book…just unnecessary. Has anyone else read it? The book is called “God, If You’re Not Up There, I’m Fucked” by Darrell Hammond, who was on SNL for a boatload of years. My personal favorite character of his …

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