Chin Up!

People who know me know that I loathe motivational sayings. Why? Because it’s always the successful people spouting them off. It’s great that (insert megastar celebrity) wants me to keep on hanging on and never give up and I love that (insert megastar celebrity) wants me to know that winners never quit and if I can see it I can achieve it.

I’d prefer to hear from people who aren’t quite there yet. But nobody listens to us so there we are.

This past weekend brought a HUGE helping of depression/anxiety/malaise such that I missed some work. I sad something pitiful on Twitter and a few hours later, I got the most delightful text from the most delightful person. It said this:

And that’s totally true. First of all because I’ve been known to literally wear a tiara around my house (I have two, from both of my weddings) and second of all because it’s true even if the tiara is invisible which it normally is because people look askance at someone wearing a crown just randomly.

I plugged ahead and had a good Saturday (Ken planned Date Night at ROAK Brewery and then GO Improv) and great Sunday! I got to play DJ at my brewpub’s Halcyon Sundaze. I can’t remember all what  I played (I sort of black out when I’m up there) but I believe it included Neil Young’s Hey Hey My My (I meant to play My My Hey Hey but screwed up and why the fuck do they have to have such the same title? Thanks Brother Neil), Doobie Bros’ It Keeps You Runnin, Pet Shop Boys What Have I Done to Deserve This, motherfucking Shalimar Dancin in the Sheets, Pointer Sisters (cuz hell yeah!) Neutron Dance, Police’s When the World is Running Down, Kinks All the Day and All of the Night, Yaz’s Situation,  XTC Senses Working Overtime, and of course ended with the Coconut song because I always do!

Did I have any idea what I would play before I got there? Nope. I don’t pick the sets! The tunes pick the sets, man! (Well, that and I borrowed my friend’s vinyl so I had to pick from there). All vinyl set, dawgs. BOOM! Had to keep my chin up, because I never want my tiara to slip.


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