Uncategorized Risk Podcast!

Risk Podcast!

It me! http://risk-show.com/podcast/rejection/ I did this story last year when Kevin Allison’s RISK came to the Detroit area! I was terrified to meet someone famous but he was super nice! I think I just vomited words at the nice man and I know I said he should move to Ann Arbor. Because that’s totally what …

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Uncategorized …Life Happens

…Life Happens

There is some quote or another about how life happens when you are busy doing something else. That’s true! Lots of stuff has been happening lately! This happened! Another packed house for the readin’! We heard some amazing stories, as always, and drank booze and ate my special Peanuts Tgiving dinner: popcorn, pretzel sticks, jellybeans …

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Uncategorized Diggin’ Around in the 1880s

Diggin’ Around in the 1880s

Sometimes it is lovely to visit the past. I mean, we know the past. We didn’t get nuked by North Korea in the past, I ate lots of ice cream in the past. This is not meant to minimize the horrible things that happened in the past, so please do not take it as such. …

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Uncategorized “Rock Concerts” are a new “tradition”

“Rock Concerts” are a new “tradition”

I’m a huge fan of outdoor concerts. I have a photo album dedicated to ticket stubs of concerts I have seen in the past 20ish years and it is mostly comprised of outdoor shows. I took a break for a few years but returned with a vengeance in 2015 & 2016 when Ken and I …

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Uncategorized Parade Festooning!

Parade Festooning!

This past Tuesday saw the 27th annual Ann Arbor Jaycees Fourth of July parade! As I do every year, I festooned myself so that I could march with a friend running for office (the amazing Jason this year!) Yup! That is the top to my Wonder Woman Underroos that I am wearing over my UNION …

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Uncategorized 1939: Devil Dogs Motorcycle Club

1939: Devil Dogs Motorcycle Club

This past Saturday, we crammed about 15 people into our living room so we all could enjoy a viewing of Grease 2. Proper and polite as always, we reviewed the movie quietly as we pondered upon Stephanie’s wearing of pants as a way to assert her independence, Paulette’s insistence on pursuing Johnny despite his treatment …

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Uncategorized 1888 Ann Arbor Argus: GRAVEL FIGHT!

1888 Ann Arbor Argus: GRAVEL FIGHT!

My husband got his jury duty summons in the mail a few weeks ago. I’ve always wanted to be on a jury, but being a former lawyer pretty much guarantees that I will never be picked. Imagine, however, my delight to see that the Argus printed the names of its jurors for December! They included …

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Uncategorized Good Times, Bad Times

Good Times, Bad Times

I often say that if ever I write a memoir (and I will likely not because apparently, my genres are creative nonfiction and women’s fiction–didn’t know that!), I will call it Good Times, Bad Times. Because that is how my life usually operates–extreme highs and lows with the occasional stretch of mundane. Maybe everyone’s life …

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Uncategorized Patti Gets Musical!!

Patti Gets Musical!!

When one’s brain vacillates between super hyper let’s do it all plan it all do all the things to crushing despair that tells me I’ve never succeeded, never will succeed, should just give up…well, one has to keep oneself busy. One has to do stuff that makes one happy. This is not easy. I cannot …

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